Variable Plastic Wheel Spacers

This is a selection from the range of circular spacer which provides a minimum cover of 15mm to a maximum of 75mm and/for variable bar sizes.


PWS 25HK 25MM 08-10MM 1000
PWS 25N 25MM 10-13MM 700
PWS 3512N 35MM 08-13MM 500
PWS 3522 35MM 18-22MM 400
PWS 3525 35MM 22-32MM 200
PWS 40 40MM 14-17MM 350
PWS 4013 40MM 08-13MM 350
PWS 4016 40MM 13-16MM 300
PWS 4023HK 40MM 20-23MM 200
PWS 4025HK 40MM 20-25MM 200
PWS 50 50MM 15-20MM 150
PWS 50HK 50MM 08-10MM 250
PWS 50HKN 50MM 08-10MM 250
PWS 5025HK 50MM 20-25MM 140
PWS 60N 60MM 08-13MM 100
PWS 75N 75MM 10-12MM 50
PWS 75W 75MM 13-16MM 50

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