Structural Building Specialist.

One-Stop Service. Manufactured In-House. Quality Products 

Steel Bar Chairs

Plastic High Chair

D-Form Tie System

High Rib Mesh

Concrete Spacers

Galvanized Tie Wires

Tie Rod System

Plastic Wheel Spacers

Bored-Pile Spacers

Rebar Cutting Machine

Rebar Bending Machine

Diesel Engine

Portable Hydraulic Bender

6″ Water Pump

Our Commitment

Since inception, we pride ourselves on service & quality. This helps anchored strong relationship with all of our customers from the past till date.
In today’s very competitive landscape and how transparent pricing has become with the likes of Alibaba/Amazon, sales is no longer just a transaction. Customer satisfaction amongst other things become key drivers for recurring sales.
Long Pun has done just that since 1982. We will continue to value-add and grow alongside you to meet your ever-demanding needs and schedule. You can expect consistent quality standards for all services rendered.

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