Long Pun Machinery Pte Ltd (LPM) is our machinery arm that supplies/rents and services machines both locally and internationally. Our products have been in the market for over 30 years and we are still the market leader because of our exceptional quality and service.

All our products are custom-made in Singapore or our plant in Malaysia to ensure they meet the strictest quality control and durability for our clients.

in 2018, we also started building our water pumps from scratch. We can control the quality starting from casting all the way to finishing. This allows us to make modifications and changes on the fly and change materials depending on the requirement and usage.


Long Pun Group Pte Ltd (LPG) started out as our own in-house engineering arm that specialises in castings and machining works solely cater to our needs.

It slowly grew as our customers started requesting for larger orders of customised products or even casting OEM parts and we branched out into both casting and machining works to provide a more complete range of service.

Our advantage of doing in-house allows us to drive cost lower as we have our own factory in Malaysia. This allows us to take up bigger repair jobs/fabrication jobs in the marine & offshore sector where speed and precision are key.