Plastic Chairs with Clips

It has been developed for use in all types of application found in pre-cast yards and on site. It can be used horizontally or vertically on main bars, links and wire mesh. It is generally used where medium foot traffic occurs. It provides a minimum height of 15mm to maximum of 65mm.


151 15MM 04-08MM 8000
152 15MM 08-13MM 5000
201 20MM 04-08MM 5000
202 20MM 08-13MM 4000
203 20MM 13-18MM 4000
251 25MM 04-08MM 5000
252 25MM 08-13MM 4000
253 25MM 10-13MM 2000
301 30MM 04-08MM 1500
302 30MM 08-13MM 1500
403N 40MM 08-13MM 1000
503 50MM 08-12MM 600
*652 65MM 08-13MM 1000
*751 75MM 05-10MM 400
*951 95MM 05-10MM 400


*All stocks are subjected to availability

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