Mesh Spacers

The mesh spacer has been developed and specially designed for the support of wire mesh or steel bar for slabs on site and in pre-cast uards.

It is also used to support the first layer of wire mesh where 2 layers of reinforcement are required in concrete slabs.

Creation of roads also uses mesh spacers for even weight distribution.


MS 20 20MM 06-10MM 1200
MS 25 25MM 06-10MM 1000
MS 30 30MM 06-10MM 1000
MS 35 35MM 06-10MM 800
MS 40 40MM 06-10MM 800
MS 50 50MM 06-10MM 500
MS 20G 20MM 10-13MM 800
MS 25G 25MM 10-13MM 800
MS 30G 30MM 10-13MM 800
MS 35G 35MM 10-13MM 600
MS 40G 40MM 10-13MM 500
MS 50G 50MM 10-13MM 500

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