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Makita Training

By August 17, 2021November 2nd, 2022No Comments

Long Pun Machinery Pte Ltd officially became a direct dealer with Makita!

In order to help to prolong the lifespan and the usability of the tools, we decided to send our sales team as well as our admin for training. During training, we understood how tools are used in general and how accessories plays a vital role in prolonging the usage of the tools. We broke them down in 3 easy steps:

1) Correct tools for the job.

Our job is the help to identify the right tool with proper strength and application procedures to our clients as part of our valued added service. We take it a step further by sending our team down to show and demonstrate how the tools is used before any purchase

2) Correct accessories for the job.

Did you know that there are more than 1000 different types of accessories for power tools? We help to correctly identify the type of bull-point/disc/chisels for job. For example, the general hardness of concrete strength in Singapore ranges between G40-G60 for structures. This also means that the usual/cheap ‘2 cut drill bits’ will not be effective as compared to a ‘4-core drill bit’ . By introduction of the correct accessories, we help you save on other aspects such as time/cost of manpower, replacement of tools, repairs etc.. This will help you complete your jobs faster and more effectively

3) The person handing the tools

In Singapore, we understand that levy costs are high and projects have very strict timelines to adhere to. (This translate to continuous usage of tools without breaks). Based on surveys done on construction sites, foreign workers also do not really take care of the tools during/after use. This means the tools are often abused and gets faulty easily. 

This is where Long Pun comes in to help you save. Clients and Companies have feedback to us that after we trained the FWs on the proper usage of tools and accessories, they enjoyed at least a 20% increase in productivity and cost savings in areas such as repair costs, the need to purchase additional tools, downtime etc. Coupled with our ‘Long Pun Package’ we help them save and even track the total amount of tools purchased/repaired for the project. *All the trainings provided are FOC*

Below are some pictures and video trainings on application of some of the more popular tools that are frequently used in the market. 

Please contact us for more details on how we can provide all our valued-added services to you!

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