Service Details


Product quality is measured through performance, reliability, and durability. It is crucial to your business because it increases your competitive advantage over your competitors.

Long Pun ensures perfect product quality with our own production plant. We will produce highly-consistent, quality products that will meet customer and regulatory requirements. During production, we continuously identify and get rids of any defects and inconsistencies by executing regular changes and improvements in the system. These regular quality control check means your product is consistently great.

Be it medium or high volume, our customers turn to us for quick turnaround, high quality and cost-effective services. Our key services and advantage is listed in 4 major pointers below.



We tailor solutions to your requirement. We produce high quality products are very affordable price. We are also strategically located in Singapore/Malaysia.

strength and flexibility

Our real strength lies in our ability to use proper mixtures of polymers/resin to get you just the right strength and flexibility at the lowest cost. Core tests includes (impact/tensile strength. Elasticity, water and heat tolerance.)

test reports

All plastics are backed with accredited test reports from Setsco and TUV as part of our quality standards.

REduce waste

We are committed to green manufacturing initiatives and all excess plastic are palletized and recycled. This also means we ensure our machineries are regularly serviced for minimal waste.