Service Details


Light-Weight Machinery

All machines are assembled in Singapore for quality checks and maximum efficiency

Rebar Solutions

Long Pun has all your rebar services covered. We specialize in cutting & bending Machine for 32mm to 42mm rebars, link benders, staircase benders, portable hydraulic benders etc..

Concrete Works

Long Pun specialises in concreting works. All our machines are ODM and OEM in Singapore. We provide sales/repair services for all your concreting works.

Concrete Vibrators

Long Pun’s concrete vibrator are made and modified in Singapore. Our vibrator have excellent strength and durability, perfect for big/small concreting works. We have readily available spare parts and sets on standby so you have maximum productivity.


A large variety of pumps catering to your specification. Our solutions includes sales and rental of dewatering Pumps/ sludge pumps, screw pumps, gear pumps.


Labelling of your power tools

Tools bought are labelled as shown. Registration and warranty will be done by us and a list of purchased tools will be send to you periodically

Warranty and Equipment List

During the warranty period, tools that are faulty will be replaced by equivalent or better tools within 24 hours from notice. Higher productivity and more cost savings with no downtime!

Short Term Rental Package

We offer short term rental for tying up loose ends. We sweeten the deal for you if you are a customer by given you an unbeaten price point!

Makita Power Tools

Long Pun has recently expanded to become a distributor for Makita power tool products. We provide in-house repair, servicing and even a management system.

Reliability and high safety standards

Makita is known for its reliability and high safety standards. This helps you get the project completely more efficiently. With high reliability, tools last longer therefore lesser downtime.

Long Pun's replacement package

Long Pun's replacement package cuts down risk and downtime significantly. This helps prevent project delays and unnecessary losses such as workers levy, fines and penalties etc.

Cost savings and tool management

Cost savings and tool management is a priority here. We make sure your tools are properly serviced and in tip-top condition. We also understand extra equipment wastes time and resources.

If a device fails or breaksdown

If a device fails or breaksdown, we will replace your tool by an equivalent or better model within 36 hours. To minimize downtime for a replacement, we have stocks readily available for replacement. Saving you time and money.

Unexpected tool services and repair

Unexpected tool services and repair costs make it difficult to keep costs within the budget. Within the warranty period, rest assured that your tools are covered from top to toes (Except for perishables e.g. Carbon Brush) This will better help you keep within your allocated budget.

The perks of the package

The perks of the package includes delivery to your site. When the tool breakdowns, we will collect and replace the set for you at your location and do the necessary replacement for you at your convenience.