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About Us

Our Philosophy

Everyone can sell a product, but we take it a step further by solving your problems.

In today’s competitive market place ,we see customer satisfaction as a key element of business strategy towards growth and profitability.

Our business motto is "caring and sharing". We care for your needs and we share our knowledge and ideas with you. We believe that in a healthy business relationship, both parties have to prosper and grow together.

Our Commitment

To stress the importance of innovation and creativity to encourage the introduction of new products and services constantly . To extend our services internationally to meet the needs and requirement of our clients and to be able to provide the best services and products in the shortest time.

Corporate profile

Long Pun has more than twenty years of experience and has supplied to most construction projects in Singapore.

Our expertise is in supply and delivery, servicing, rental, sales, maintenance and repair works for mechanical and electrical machines/pumps used in both the construction and marine sector. Backed by twenty years of experience and a strong maintenance team, we have gained the trust of many companies in providing quick and quality services to our clients. Saving them time and money.

our history

Long Pun Enterprise Pte Ltd (LPE) is a privately own company that was established in 1982. Located at 84, Mandai Estate. LPE is a well established leading manufacturer of high quality plastic spacers; plastic injection products ;precision mould fabricators ;concrete spacers for the building and construction Industry.

In 1996. LPE attained its ISO 9001:2000 certification for plastic spacers- LPE is the first spacers supplier in Singapore and is the largest supplier in the country, throughout the years, we continue to innovate and create newer products. In order to keep up with the newer construction trends, we constantly create new products that is in line with the market needs.


LPE focuses has been on production for the construction market. In 1993, we set up another plastic injection plant in China to supply not only construction materials but also other types of products such as baby products (Tommy-Tippy), plastic components for clocks(Seiko), water dispensers (Nestle) etc. Over time years, we remained as suppliers for our clients proves that we are credible and that our quality control is top notched.


Long Pun Machinery Pte Ltd (LPM) was later incorporated in 2001 to compliment our plastic form-work products in Singapore. Over the years, we have consistently build trust and provide reliable services as valuable partners to support our clients. We seek to be a one-stop centre for our clients in terms of quality products and services for any machinery products.

Long Pun Engineering is the latest addition to our group and is incorporated to provide support in sales/rental and maintenance of pumps. We recently expanded our services from Singapore to Malaysia to focus on providing cross-border services, mainly for marine and oil/gas sector as we aim to provide services for clients in both countries