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About Us

Long Pun Enterprise Pte Ltd (LPE) was incorporated in 1982 located at No: 84, Mandai Estate in Singapore. LPE is a well established leading manufacturer of High Quality Plastic Spacers, Plastic Injection Products, Precision Mould fabricators and Concrete Spacers for the Building and Construction Industry. In 1996, Long Pun Enterprise attained its ISO 9001:2000 certification for plastic spacers.  LPE is the first plastic spacer supplier in Singapore and remains the largest supplier in the country.

Long Pun Machinery Pte Ltd (LPM) was later incorporated in 2001 as we saw an increasing need for light-weight construction machines to compliment the building materials that we were supplying. Machines such as re-bar cutting and bending machine, vibrator engines and pokers, water pumps. We slowly added more to our collection and even branched out into road works machinery and pre-casting.(Building offsite and then delivered over, this increases the productivity and production rate) Shifting our focus as Singapore becomes more developed and adhering to changing needs. We then followed our customers and set up branches over in Malaysia to provide the necessary support for our clients. This is when both Long Pun Corporation Sdn Bhd (LPC) as well as Spacer Specialist Sdn Bhd was incorporated.

Long Pun Group (LPG) was the last to be incorporated as we started selling products for our clients, some of which includes a variety of baby products, water dispensers, plastic household products and furniture.

Our manufacturing line for plastic products/components remained very strong as we expanded out to Hong Kong and China and got big projects. Some of our clients includes Tommy Tippy (baby products). Crystal Mountain (fabrication and production of water dispensers), all these are made possible because we demand the highest quality in our goods manufacturing processes.




Extensive form-work products and building materials
Top Quality Construction Materials and Machines